It's Zaror Versus Adkins In This Exclusive UNDISPUTED III Clip!

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It's Zaror Versus Adkins In This Exclusive UNDISPUTED III Clip!
Why have we been making such a big deal over Isaac Florentine's Undisputed III?  You're about to find out. Sure, there are trailers out there but trailers are always full of quick cuts and traicky editing to make things appear more energetic than they really are. If you want to judge it fairly, you need some of the actual film. And if you want to judge a fight film, you need an actual fight.

So here it is. The opening minute of the big finale, the one on one fight between Marko Zaror and Scott Adkins that closes the film. These are two very large, impossibly agile men, going to work on each other under the expert direction of director Isaac Florentine and fight choreographer Larnell Stovall. When I sat on the jury at Action Fest this year we literally changed the rules of the competition to give both Florentine and Stovall awards - best director and best fight choreographer, respectively - now you can see why.

Undisputed III releases on DVD and BluRay June 1st.
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