And, Suddenly, I Actually Really Want To See PIRANHA 3D

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And, Suddenly, I Actually Really Want To See PIRANHA 3D
All praise the wonders of stunt casting. Sure, most of the time it smacks of desperation and makes me want to run away screaming. Such as the casting of Eli Roth in Alex Aja's Piranha 3D. Bad move there, Alex. Bad move. But a good piece of stunt casting? That can be magic. Absolute magic that elevates a film to an entirely different level. And let me tell you ... Eli may be irritating but Christopher Lloyd is absolutely fantastic and the moment he appears in the new trailer for Aja's bitey fish movie the whole thing leaps to an entirely new level of inspired lunacy.

I'll be honest. I have very much believed that Aja jas been slumming it with inferior projects ever since High Tension and while this is still very much B this looks like incredibly fun B and I'm suddenly very excited to see it. Check the trailer below.
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