POPSKULL Director Adam Wingard Discovers A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE

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POPSKULL Director Adam Wingard Discovers A HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE
Popskull director Adam Wingard is a big favorite around these parts, a natural talent with a  remarkable ability to manipulate mood and tone and not just function on impossibly small budgets but to actually excel in that world. That said, fans have long been waiting for Wingard to have the chance to make a film for more than the cost of a morning coffee and that time may well be now.  I've been hearing rumblings about Wingard's new feature A Horrible Way To Die for a while now and not only is the film now official, it's already underway. Details below.

A.J. Bowen ("The House of the Devil"), Amy Seimetz ("Alexander the Last") and Joe Swanberg ("Nights and Weekends") will star in director Adam Wingard's upcoming thriller, "A Horrible Way To Die".  Written by Simon Barrett ("Dead Birds"), the story follows an escaped murderer in pursuit of his ex-girlfriend who has fled to start a new life in a small town. Produced by Travis Stevens, Simon Barrett and Kim Sherman, the film is currently shooting in Columbia, Missouri with Mike Strain ("Albino Farm") of Fantasy Creations FX handling the special FX and make-up.

Adam Wingard's previous film POP SKULL won the Jury award at the Boston Underground Film Festival (2008) and the Grand Jury Prize at the Indianapolis International Film Festival (2008).

The project is being Executive Produced by Zak Zeman and partially financed by his company Site B, LLC.  Associate Producers include Brad Miska and Joe McKelheer. The film is being produced in association with Arable Entertainment.

Twitch readers can follow the film on Twitter: @AHWTDFilm

Attached is a photo of "Sarah" played by Amy Seimetz.  Photo courtesy of Taylor Glascock.
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