EFM 2010: First Glimpse Of John Woo's JIANYU JIANGHU!

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EFM 2010: First Glimpse Of John Woo's JIANYU JIANGHU!
Now going by the English title of Reign of Assassins, the first promo reel for the John Woo / Su Chao-Bin co-directed feature is available for buyers at the EFM.

The footage included is still quite rough, looking to be completely raw and fresh out of the camera, but still shows plenty of the good stuff.  Before making his name as a heroic bloodshed director focused on massive amounts of gunplay, Woo directed films of all genres including classic wuxia films and this is very much a return to that.  Michelle Yeoh stars as a woman defecting from a clan of assassins who are less than pleased to see her go.  Lot's of old school martial arts action ensues and while the tone of the film seems to be generally quite straight faced there are definite nods to the goofier sides of wuxia as well, including one warrior who fights with a flaming sword clenched in each hand.

Very raw still but quite promising. 
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