RED HILL sneaks under radar, into Berlin

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia
RED HILL sneaks under radar, into Berlin
A new, fresh, unstoppable wave of Australian genre films is sweeping around the world - led by pulverizing films such as Animal Kingdom, The Square, The Loved Ones and The Horseman.

However, there is a second, seemingly as potent, wave that is coming in silently behind the shotgun blasts of these festival hits; another slew of genre films made almost totally under the radar.

Chief among these is Red Hill, a modern western about a cop moving to a small town to work as a police officer, but news of a prison break and escaped murderer sends the town's law enforcement into panic. 

Written and directed by one Patrick Hughes, making his feature debut, the film will premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in February, in the Panorama Special program.

While Hughes himself isn't a big name in Australia, other names involved with the film are, including True Blood's Ryan Kwanten, The Square's femme fatale Claire van der Boom, Tommy Lewis (The Proposition) and Steve Bisley (Jim Goose from Mad Max!), not to mention Wolf Creek director Greg McLean as executive producer.

There's not a hell of a lot on the webs about Red Hill, although there is a new website. Also see below for Hughes' very different short film/ad below, which took home a Cannes Lion last year.

Other under the radar Aussie genre films to look out for include The Hedonist (a thriller set on a yacht, Dead Calm style, and filmed entirely in the stunning Maldives), Summer Coda (a romantic drama with some genre trappings) and Primal (another outback supernatural horror, but already looking better than last year's disasterpiece Prey).
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