RED HILL Rides Into The UK!

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RED HILL Rides Into The UK!
After impressing at Frightfest last year, director Patrick Hughes' modern day revenge western is arriving in UK cinemas on 13th May with a DVD and Blu-ray release slated for 30th May.

 Featuring a bold and surprisingly sympathetic performance from Ryan Kwanten, and backed up by support from a grizzled Steve Bisley, Red Hill hits harder than its genre trappings would imply.

"Revenge rides into the town of RED HILL when convicted murderer Jimmy Conway escapes from jail and returns to the outpost town hunting down the cops who sent him away for life. Enter police office Shane Cooper (True Blood's Ryan Kwanten), whose first day on the job quickly turns into a nightmare as he is caught in the middle of what will become a terrifying and bloody confrontation. Cooper will be forced to take the law into his own hands if he is to survive."

Directed with panache and enough heart to keep you hooked, it's a mighty satisfying package that marks Hughes out as a talent to watch.

Quick-fingered Londoners can still get tickets to The London Australia Film Festival's screening of Red Hill at Barbican tomorrow night (9th May) here. Hurry!

Red Hill is in UK cinemas from 13th May and on DVD and Blu-ray from 30th May through Momentum Pictures.

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