Derek Yee Fires "Tens Of Thousands Of Bullets" Creating The Perfect Action Scenes For TRIPLE TAP.

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Derek Yee Fires "Tens Of Thousands Of Bullets" Creating The Perfect Action Scenes For TRIPLE TAP.
Well, well.  After waging a very public PR battle around his Jackie Chan starring drama The Shinjuku Incident - a battle he lost with the film being banned in mainland China and released in a cut version in Hong Kong despite his protestations - veteran director has gone the exact opposite route with new gunplay action thriller Triple Tap.  Despite an incredibly high profile cast including Louis Koo, Daniel Wu, Cahrlene Choi and Chapman To, Yee managed to keep this one entirely out of the public eye until it was entirely finished with principal photography, keeping his actors hard at work on an entirely closed set.  What's it about?

After a close battle, the more experienced Kwan Yau-fu (Louis Koo) finally triumphs over first-time contestant, policeman Chong Chi-wai (Daniel Wu) but both strikes up a friendship. But when Kwan foils an armed robbery and becomes a public hero despite killing a cop, Chong can't shake the feeling that his new friend may not be all he seems. Who's the villain and who's the hero? It would be hard to tell until the final shoot-out.
With the film unveiled to the public for the first time yesterday, production company Emperor Motion Pictures also released a series of press conference images and a lengthy press release.  Check both below.

Award-winning director Derek Yee scales new heights in new psychological and testosterone-filled thriller
Hong Kong - After months on a closed set, the cast and crew of Emperor Motion Pictures' exciting new psychological thriller Triple Tap finally met the media at a press event at the Community Sports, Ma Tso Lung, Sheung Shui on Monday. The film is co-produced with Polybona Films and Sil-Metropole Organisation Limited.
Multiple award-winning director Derek Yee led his cast which included heart-throbs Louis Koo and Daniel Wu, as well as popular stars Charlene Choi and Chapman To, in a dazzling display of practical shooting - which serves as the premise for the HK$45 million film. Also present were the film's producers: Mr Albert Yeung, chairman of the Emperor Group; Mr Yu Dong, chief executive of Polybona Films; and Mr Song Dai, general manager of Sil-Metropole Organisation Limited.

The film revolves around two competitors at the International Practical Shooting Confederation who strike up a friendship. Louis Koo plays a champion shooter while Daniel Wu is the police sharpshooter. Both engage in a cat-and-mouse battle of wits to outdo each other.

Although Louis and Daniel had previously starred in many gun battles, director Derek Yee's perfectionism dictated that his lead actors were completely believable in their shooting scenes. Both actors had to undergo more than a month's intensive training under the tutelage of a Hong Kong practical shooting champion and grabbed every opportunity to practice off the set as well.

For the veteran director, shooting the film's blazing gun battles was also a new challenge. "I want to bring the audience something that would shock and thrill them so we had to spend a lot of the three months' production time choreographing the shoot-outs and practicing. We used tens of thousands of bullets in the shooting scenes."

About the IPSC:
The International Practical Shooting Confederation was established to promote, maintain, and advance practical marksmanship. IPSC-style competitive shooting developed in southern California, U.S.A. in the late 1950's and quickly spread throughout the shooting world. In May of 1976, the inaugural International Pistol Conference was held in Colombia, Missouri where sportsmen from around the world participated in determining the structure, organization, and future of IPSC marksmanship. The IPSC has adopted the motto "Accuracy, Power, and Speed". There are four disciplines; IPSC Handgun, IPSC Rifle, IPSC Shotgun and IPSC Action Air. The first IPSC held in China was held in 2002.

Are the guns used in IPSC any different from other firearms?
Guns used in IPSC are installed with an optics scope to help with quicker aim. The magazine length is increased to 170 centimeters, loading 32 rounds. With as live round in the chamber, it loads a total of 33 rounds. The bullets are lighter and have more gunpowder, making them travel faster. The faster loading time also makes for more effective shooting.

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