AFM 09: Richard Attenborough, Robert Carlyle, Bob Hoskins, Paul Giamatti And Pete Postlethwaite Are IRONCLAD

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AFM 09: Richard Attenborough, Robert Carlyle, Bob Hoskins, Paul Giamatti And Pete Postlethwaite Are IRONCLAD
A full on, big budget, medieval action film with a cast of honest-to-god actors?  Err, yes please.  The film is Ironclad from director Jonathan English and it's in post-production now.

It is the year 1215 and England is on the brink of a bloody Civil War. The Magna Carta, a landmark contract between the King and his subjects, upholds the rights of the people of England and promises to bestow a fragile peace on the kingdom. Yet, barely four months since putting his royal seal to the charter, the sly and deceitful King John is about to go back on his word. By amassing a powerful mercenary army on the South Coast , King John plans to destroy all those who signed the legendary charter, and once again seize absolute control of the country.

But all is not yet lost. Hearing news of their despised ruler's intentions, Marshall, a Templar Knight and veteran of the ferocious Crusade to the Holy Land, hastily assembles a grizzled band of noble barons prepared to hole up inside the virtually impenetrable walls of Rochester Castle in order to protect the people's rights that they had already fought so hard to secure.

Rochester is a strong fortress defending the only passage through hostile terrain. Through this passage the King must pass if he is to seize control of his kingdom, so it is not long before he and his blood-thirsty loyalist army mass at the gates of the Castle, fully prepared to slaughter anyone who stands in their way.

As wave after wave of the King's soldiers relentlessly attack the crumbling walls of their fortress, Marshall and his men must rely on both their superior swordsmanship and the mighty Rochester Castle itself against this vast and unyielding enemy. Driven by the passion of the beautiful and feisty Isabel, the Lady of the castle, the men somehow have to muster enough resolute determination to defend their freedom, defeat the forces of an oppressive King and bring justice to the people of England ...

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