First Clip Arrives From Paul King's BUNNY AND THE BULL

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First Clip Arrives From Paul King's BUNNY AND THE BULL
Oh, marketing, what wacky things are done in your name.  The first clip has finally arrived online from Paul King's Bunny and the Bull, a film I like quite a lot while stopping short of loving it.  The film is King's debut feature after building up a following as the director of cult hit TV show The Mighty Boosh so it should come as no surprise that the clip they've chosen to release is one featuring Boosh alum Julien Barratt.  This makes sense.  This is how you capitalize on an asset.  I have no problem with this in principal.  And the clip itself?  A very fine clip, one that will certainly attract a whole lot of attention.  It's just that, unfortunately, this particular clip is WORLDS away from being representative of the film as a whole.  It is by far the most slapstick piece in the entire film, the only real "What a silly movie we've made" moment, and easily - EASILY - the funniest clip in the entire film which, otherwise, is kind of melancholic even while it is dazzling with whimsical visuals.  In short, while this particular clip is going to attract LOTS of attention - hell, I didn't have to think twice before writing about it - it's also going to create an awful lot of false expectations, expectations which will do more harm than good in the long run.  So there you have it.  Hit the link below to watch Julian Barratt drink dog milk.
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