FF 2009 Review. Sweet Karma

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FF 2009 Review. Sweet Karma

Karma is a sad but ultimately pissed off girl. Having gotten news that her sister, that she thought had gone to Toronto to work as a housecleaner but instead ended up in a prostitution ring, has turned up dead, our mute heroine travels from her native Russia to those bacon eating smut peddlers in the north to show them how they deal with grief in the east. Armed with little more than her beautiful looks and inner anger she quickly starts dealing out justice in stripper heals, disposing of slime ball thugs and pimps, working her way to the top of the flesh trade gang.

director Andrew Thomas Hunt has crafted a classic revenge tale that's harking back to the 70's and 80's revengesplotation movies. A gorgeous female lead kicking ass and taking names but without the "funny" one liners that usually followed said disposing of ass. The justice is swift and brutal and I'm pretty sure that female audiences will get a kick out of it.

The performances on the whole are decent, lead actress Shera Berchard handles herself well for the most part, seeing how that is her first starring role which I'm sure is no walk in the park, especially since she has to go through some pretty humiliating things as Karma.

The story is pretty straight forward, goes quickly to the good parts but there was one bit near the end that I thought was completely unnecessary and felt that it was a way to try to justify her action in a way and to introduce a character that was simply not needed.  

We were told after the screening that the print had some issues and while the film is rough around the edges, dark and gritty, it wasn't supposed to be that dark and gritty. Those watching the second screening next wednesday will get a new print.  

All in all  Sweet Karma was fun little movie which has something for everybody, a smoking hot lead for the boys and slime bag punks getting their asses handed to them in a most violent way for the ladies.

The next screening of Sweet Karma is wednesday september 30th

Sweet Karma

  • Andrew Thomas Hunt
  • James Fler
  • Andrew Thomas Hunt
  • James Fler (story)
  • Andrew Thomas Hunt (story)
  • Michael Paszt (story)
  • Shera Bechard
  • John Tokatlidis
  • Frank J. Zupancic
  • Christian Bako
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