Longer Teaser For Yoichi Sai's Ninja Epic KAMUI!

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Longer Teaser For Yoichi Sai's Ninja Epic KAMUI!

Ah, figured this would be coming soon since the official website for Yoishi Sai's ninja film Kamui was just redesigned and, sure enough, here it is: a new teaser for the film starring Detroit MEtal City's Kenichi Matsuyama. Clocking in at just a shade under a minute this new teaser incorporates almost all of the footage that was included in the original teaser, which means it would be easy to simply label this 'more of the same' but when being the same means being all kinds of awesome that's not really a bad thing, now is it? Sai is one of Japan's best and, to my knowledge, this is the first time he's gone all out with a crowd-pleasing action film and I am more than a little intrigued to see the results.

Check both teasers below the break!

Teaser Two

Teaser One

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