Jackie Chan + Three Guys + Horse = BIG SOLDIER

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Jackie Chan + Three Guys + Horse = BIG SOLDIER

In a recent news conference, Jackie Chan has spill the beans on his next China-based project after Shinjuku Incident. Its entitled Big Soldier, a period piece written, produce and stars Jackie himself and it will focuses on three people and a horse. The investors is sparing no expense to get it made with a hefty budget of $25 million. On paper, it may sound like a simple idea but I reckon there is much more to this than what little details are disclosed to us.

Cast includes Chan, Lee Hom, previous unknown Lin Peng and South Korea's Yoo Seung-Jun. "Underdog Knight's" Ding Sheng is helming.

Pic has been shooting in Yunnan province using a 100% mainland Chinese crew and has just moved to Beijing.

"The film is set during the Warring States Period," Chan told a news conference on Tuesday. "I play a big soldier, and Lee Hom plays a junior soldier. It's an action picture with black humor plus a bit of romance."

Ironically, pop star Yoo Seung-Jun is cast in a film that deals with soldiers but in 2002, he was the center of controversy for deserting the mandatory 2 year military service required for every man living in South Korea. Can't say I blame the guy really.

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ChevalierAguilaApril 9, 2009 10:25 AM

Chan doing black humour? Now that's something new.