Disney goes Bollywood With ROADSIDE ROMEO

Disney goes Bollywood With ROADSIDE ROMEO

By all means, I'm no expert on Bollywood in any stretch of the imagination so I usually leave it to my fellow ScreenAnarchy writers who are far more qualified in this area to do the reporting but this particular news is just too good to pass up. Walt Disney Studios has partner-up with Yash Raj Films to co-produce a Hindi-language CG animated film Roadside Romeo, featuring romance, song and dance in the typical Bollywood fashion. The main voice cast include Saif Ali Khan as the lead character Romeo and Kareena Kapoor as the love interest Laila. Over at the official site, there is two teaser trailer that shows Romeo and Laila auditioning for the film, each with some sort of wacky personality or characteristic. Here’s the synopsis:

A rich, cool, spoil brat of a dog is abandoned on the wicked streets of Mumbai. He faces situations he has never faced before. He is confronted by dangerous, loony characters, the likes of which he has never met before. From mansions to streets… From five course meals to five courses of scraps…From soft beds to piles of garbage…From champagne to tap water… Hop on to the adventure as Romeo turns into "Roadside Romeo."

Roadside Romeo is scheduled for release on October 24th in India and US (limited). You'll find the two teasers below after the break.

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