Toshiaki Toyoda Arrested in Drug Raid! The Hanging Garden Possibly Delayed ...

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I received this troubling news a handful of times today ... Japanese director Toshiaki Toyoda, a big favorite around these parts for Nine Souls and Blue Spring, was arrested today on drug charges. Though there's nothing definite it appears that the release of his latest film, The Hanging Garden, will be delayed as a result.

Here's what I was sent:

Headline and opening paragraph as reported on Yahoo! News
(from Sports Hochi)

"Kyoko Koizumi Shocked! Director Toshiaki Toyoda Arrested
for Drugs - 'Kuchu Teien' Release Postponed"

Film director Toshiaki Toyoda (36) was arrested for
possession of a controlled substance on August 25th. Five packets (approximately 3.9 grams) of a stimulant were found at Toyoda's home in Komae City, Tokyo. "It was for personal use," stated Toyoda. The young talent directed the movie "Kuchu Teien", slated to open in theaters this October. The film's cast and crew, including star Kyoko Koizumi, who enjoyed a premiere of the film in April, could not hide their shock at the news and the possibility of the film's release being delayed.

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