Tentative Release Window For A Bittersweet Life on DVD

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Now before I even begin I need to point out that the key word in that title is 'tentative'. There is no set date attached to this yet and the Korean DVD industry is notorious for shifting release dates around at the last minute. A good rule of thumb in dealing with Korean DVD releases is to consider nothing firm until the discs are actually on shelves.

That said ... I wrote one of the Korean based DVD stores to ask about a release date for A Bittersweet Life and this is what they said: "I heard that this DVD will be released in end of June or July , but exact release date is not decided yet... "

That time line certainly makes sense, what with Crying Fist getting a June release after the two films hit theaters on the same day. Whether June or July we shouldn't have to wait much longer ... here's the trailer to tide you over.

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