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Svet mentioned this film a few days back and an observant reader who wishes to remain anonymous just sent in a brief review. Check out the official website here and read on for the full word ...

Leo (Titoff) is a young, popular musician with a gorgeous girlfriend (Marion Cotillard), which doesn't keep him from sleeping around and complaining that "my heart is empty." An auto accident leaves him a
quadriplegic, and he faces a lengthy rehabilitation under the guidance of a stern doctor (Richard Bohringer) while struggling with suicidal feelings and self-pity.

The film has a classic, three-act construction (Act I: The Accident and His Previous Life; Act II: Details of Rehabilitation; Act III: Life as a Quad). That doesn't properly convey, though, the amazing, convincing performance of Titoff. He captures the sexy, charming swagger of the character before the accident, and then the desperate frustration and paralyzed limbs and body parts afterwards.

Titoff's performance and the genial, occasionally hilarious nature of this tale, make it worth watching. It's based on a true story, though it feels like the deck is stacked, since nearly all of Leo's friends (and even a couple of the nurses) are incredibly
supportive and, as a bonus, are all thin and attractive -- notably Berenice Bejo and Maria Jurado. Steve Suissa's direction is fluid, with an agile camera and well-modulated pace.

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