Want to See An Egoyan Film With Egoyan? If You're In Toronto You Can. And It's Free.

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How sweet is this? Toronto based art-film auteur Atom Egoyan also happens to be the co-owner of Camera: a combination bar / lounge / screening room in Toronto. With ownership like that you'd expect some interesting stuff to happen from time to time and you'd be right ... December 4th - December 8th Camera is hosting a free screening series with a slew of special guests in attendance.

The 4th gets Egoyan's Citadel, with Egoyan hosting a post-screening discussion. On the 5th there are shorts from Sook Yin Lee and Sarah Polley as well as Kristen Thomsen's presentation of I, Claudia. The 6th has Egoyan presenting his own Portrait of Arshile and Calendar with Michael Ondaatje (yes, the English Patient author) presenting his film The Clinton Show. The 7th gets a series of NFB award-winning shorts and the 8th gets shorts from Cronenberg, Guy Maddin and Don McKellar as well as Peter Wellington presenting his feature film Luck.

Check Camera's website for more info.

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