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Blu-ray Review: Cult Epics Gets Brassy With P.O. BOX TINTO BRASS / ISTINTOBRASS

A new, limited dual edition of Tinto Brass titles examines the erotica auteur's methods and legacy.

Cult Epics To Release MONAMOUR By Tinto Brass On Blu-ray/DVD July 26th

Cult Epics, in their continuing charge to become the king of artsy erotica on home video, have announced their upcoming special edition Blu-ray and DVD of Tinto Brass's Monamour.  This follows stellar presentations of Radley Metzger's Score, The Lickerish Quartet,...

Blu-Ray Review: SALON KITTY

Tinto Brass has always had a touch for making exploitative movies that look like real movies. This is not an insult. It is the truth. His command of sleazy grandeur is probably why Bob Guccione handed him the reigns to Caligula. A new uncensored...