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Genre Seeds: I START COUNTING, Bolstered By a Teen

Jenny Agutter and Bryan Marshall star in director David Greene's great adaptation of a noteworthy novel, now available on Blu-ray from Fun City Editions.

Review: MEGA TIME SQUAD, Swiss-Watch Crafted Silliness

One fine day in his sleepy coastal New Zealand town, after being booted out of living in his mom's garage, petty criminal wannabe (in the local parlance, "Bogan") John, and his dopey pal Gaz, decide to screw over their boss,...

MEGA TIME SQUAD Clip: Push the Button

Desperate and on the run, a young man doesn't know what to do. Then he gets some unexpected advice from an unlikely source: himself. But he's not quite "himself." In our exclusive clip from Mega Time Squad, John (Anton Tennet)...