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Review: FRIED BARRY, Weird, Wild and Wonderful

Gary Green, Chanelle de Jager, Brett Williams and Joey Cramer star in a horror movie from South Africa, directed by Ryan Kruger and now streaming on Shudder.

Fantasia 2020 Review: FRIED BARRY, A Deep-Fried Stick of Sizzling Bloody Dynamite

My fok, Marelize! What a weird, wild, and wonderful road-trip through the psycho-delic-gorgiastic-extra-terror-restrial-killer-eidoscope of Fried Barry's human reconditioning. And if that motley and manic description doesn't pique your cinesense, then this film may not be to your tastes. It's an...

Fantasia 2020: FRIED BARRY Gets Freaky Trailer

Described as "an absolute first in the history of South African cinema - and perhaps in humankind itself!", Ryan Kruger's Fried Barry will enjoy its Canadian premiere at the upcoming Fantasia 2020, which will be a "virtual event accessible to...