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Mediterrane 2024 Review: LIFE, Novelistic Philosophical Drama Tackles Loss and Redemption

Turkish director Zeki Demirkubuz weaves a tale of provincial patriarchy and existentialism, following the intertwined lives of a rural baker and a young woman after a derailed arranged marriage.

Mediterrane 2024 Review: VIET AND NAM, Mesmerizing Slow Drama Explores Personal and National Histories

Vietnamese filmmaker Truong Minh Quy has crafted one of 2024's most intriguing films, using contemplative visuals exploring personal and national histories against the backdrop of a romance of two young queer Vietnamese miners.

Mediterrane 2024 Review: TO A LAND UNKNOWN Challenges Conventional Immigrant Dramas

Palestinian-Danish filmmaker Mahdi Fleifel navigates the harrowing realities of exile and survival, set against the dilapidated backdrop of Athens, in a bold departure from his documentary roots.

Mediterrane 2024 Review: MEETING WITH POL POT Unmasks Khmer Rouge Genocidal Utopia

Cambodian filmmaker Rithy Panh offers a haunting exploration of the Khmer Rouge regime through the eyes of three French journalists and the utopia gone wrong.

Mediterrane 2024 Review: DEAR JASSI, Love, Social Class, and True Crime Mix

Director Tarsem Singh Dhandwar departs from his renowned visual opulence to explore a true crime story deeply rooted in the cultural fabric of Punjab in his latest cinematic venture.