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THE ROYAL HOTEL Review: Unnerving Thriller Pits the Powerful Against the Weak

Julia Garner and Jessica Henwick star in Kitty Green's new thriller.

Sundance 2020 Review: THE ASSISTANT Delivers a Master Class in Corporate Complicity

Julia Garner stars in writer-director Kitty Green's ominous, chilling drama.

Venice 2013 Review: UKRAINE IS NOT A BROTHEL, A Powerful Documentary That Strips Down Femen Movement

For a few years the Femen Movement in Ukraine has been trying to raise awareness for gender and feminist issues worldwide. Thanks to provocative and risky happenings, often acted out bare-breasted in public places, the press has been jumping on...

UKRAINE IS NOT A BROTHEL Trailer Bares The Truth Behind Topless Feminists

Recently screened at the Venice Film Festival, Kitty Green's documentary Ukraine is Not a Brothel has received a strongly positive response from two of my ScreenAnarchy colleagues who have seen it. Here is the festival's intriguing synopsis: Ukraine Is Not...