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LA LLORONA: Jayro Bustamante's Golden Globe Nominated Horror Drama on Digital HD in March

While there was one nominee for Golden Globe Awards for Best Motion Picture, Foreign Language that raised many eyebrows and elicited protests about that decision we can all agree that the inclusion of Jayro Bustamante's award winning horror drama, La...

Review: LA LLORONA, Singular Guilt Becomes Horror By Association

Jayro Bustamente's horror film from Guatemala, now streaming on Shudder, explores the nation's unresolved past.

NANG: The Best Film Magazine You're Not Reading

The printed word is dead. That’s what we have been told. It’s too expensive, cumbersome and environmentally unfriendly, especially when we have the internet, with its limitless word counts and instantaneous editing functions. Film criticism is dead too. Nobody wants...