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70s Rewind: DEATH LINE, People Are Hungry Underground

Donald Pleasance stars in a grungy and gritty tale of going underground, directed by Gary Sherman and now streaming on The Criterion Channel.

CURSED FILMS Interviews: Director Jay Cheel and Occult Writer Mitch Horowitz Talk Horror Movies

The documentary series Cursed Films (now available on Digital, DVD and Blu-ray) explores five different horror movies that, for one reason or another, have been considered 'cursed.' After several difficulties emerged during the filming of The Exorcist, such as the...

Morbido 2019: Gary Sherman Looks Back Over A Brilliant Career

One of the main events of 2019 edition of Morbido Fest is the tribute dedicated to the career of Gary Sherman, one of the most particular voices that were born from horror movies in the 70s and 80s. The filmmaker...