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GHOSTLIGHT Review: Rare Indie That Mixes LOL Humor and Heavyweight Drama

Directed by Alex Thompson and Kelly O'Sullivan, the film stars Keith Kupferer, Tara Mallen, Katherine Mallen Kupferer, and Dolly De Leon.

Sundance 2024 Review: BETWEEN THE TEMPLES, A Cantor Finds His Voice In Life and Love

Trauma in all its facets -- experience, understanding, reconciliation -- and indie dramas are practically synonymous at this point. That, however, doesn’t make trauma or its natural consequence, mourning, or how it’s explored through film, any less relevant or meaningful....

Sundance 2024 Review: GHOSTLIGHT, William Shakespeare, Family Therapist

Coming-of-age stories are practically a sub-genre of their own. Coming-of-middle-age stories, however, tend to be, if not few and far between, then far more rare. That’s likely due to studio perceptions of what does and doesn’t sell: young adult-oriented films,...