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Notes on Streaming: Repellent KIDNAPPING STELLA Removes Reason for Existence

Max von der Groeben, Jella Haase and Clemens Schick star in Thomas Sieben's repugnant, would-be thriller.

Boston Underground 2017 Review: HIDDEN RESERVES, Dystopian Noir of Money and Death

Insurance is one of the great oddities of the current economy. Pay money every month *in case* something happens. House and medical insurance might be there for you (provided your insurance company doesn't find a loophole to get out of...

Jan Kounen Moving To Television With Double Length Thriller FLIGHT OF THE STORKS

It is our very sincere opinion here at ScreenAnarchy that French director Jan Kounen (Dobermann, 99 Francs) has never really received the international recognition that he deserves. Perhaps the failure of his English language western Blueberry (aka Renegade) turned the...