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Toronto 2018 Review: WIDOWS, Intelligent and Slick Commercial Cinema

Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez and Elizabeth Debicki star in Steve McQueen's top-quality heist movie.

Review: CHI-RAQ Aims To Put Gun Violence To Bed

Spike Lee is making some noise, and he wants to make absolutely sure that you hear it. After a solid decade, or longer, of slowly sliding into a plane of cultural irrelevance that the outspoken filmmaker is simply not suited...

2015 Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival Lineup Includes TALES OF HALLOWEEN, HE NEVER DIED, And More

Residents of Chicagoland, rejoice! (Also, tourists who can make plans to travel there). The program for the second annual Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival presented by Wizard World has been announced, and it is filled with "vampires, psychotic breakdowns, cannibals,...