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Maryland Film Fest Review: QUEEN OF LAPA, Clear-eyed, Intimate Look at Rio's Trans Sex Worker Community

The documentary doesn't highlight the differences of its subjects from the audience, but rather acknowledges and celebrates what we have in common: our humanity.

Sidewalk 2017 Review: TORMENTING THE HEN, Suffocating, Mesmerizing Drama

Suffocating in its intimacy, Theodore Collatos' Tormenting the Hen revolves around two women who have reached a turning point in their relationship, whether they realize it or not. Claire (Dameka Hayes) is an African-American playwright who travels to the Berkshires...

Crowdfund This: TORMENTING THE HEN, Social Malaise and Toxic Love

Let's get right to it: Tormenting the Hen is not a movie about a tortured domestic female bird. Instead, it's a live-action feature film whose heart "lies right there in the title," according to the official crowdfunding site. "Just who...