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Berlinale 2024 Review: DYING, Darkly Humorous Gaze Into Family Dysfunction

Michael Glasner's dramedy explores the dissonant lives of the Lunies family, intertwining themes of death, reconciliation, and the complexities of human relationships.

Berlinale 2024 Review: A TRAVELER'S NEEDS, Hong Sangsoo's Minimalist Odyssey of Connection and Wonder

Hong Sangsoo and Isabelle Huppert reunite to explore themes of existential wanderlust and the complexity of human connections.

Berlinale 2024 Review: THE EMPIRE Merges Cosmic Conflicts with Rural Quirks

Bruno Dumont's latest work is not just another 'Star Wars' parody.

Berlinale 2024 Review: THE DEVIL'S BATH, Gripping Period Drama on the Cusp of Reality and Despair

Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala embark on a haunting exploration of 18th-century womanhood, set against the backdrop of societal and religious confines.

Berlinale 2024 Review: THE EDITORIAL OFFICE, Or, THE GODFATHER for the Disinformation Age

Ukrainian filmmaker Roman Bondarchuk navigates the complex interplay of truth, justice, and media manipulation in his latest socio-political black comedy that veers into a surreal satire.

Berlinale 2024 Review: WHO DO I BELONG TO, Lyrical Drama Explores Radical Family Ties

In her debut film Who Do I Belong To, Tunisian-born, Canada-based filmmaker Meryam Joober explores the poignant narrative of Aicha, a mother faced with the daunting reality of her sons' association with ISIS. The film is set in the tranquil...

Berlinale 2024 Review: ARCADIA Pushes Marital Drama to Mystical Realities

Greek director Yorgos Zois, alongside leading actress Angeliki Papoulia, delves into a exploration of love, loss, and ethereal spaces.

Berlinale 2024: Exclusive THE VISITOR Trailer Premiere Reimagines Pasolini's TEOREMA

Canadian filmmaker Bruce LaBruce pays tribute to Pier Paolo Pasolini through a contemporary lens, exploring themes of sexual dominance, political upheaval, and queer liberation against the backdrop of post-Brexit Britain.

Berlinale 2024: Exclusive REAS Poster Premiere

Lola Arias' sophomore feature employs a musical framework to explore the resilience and dreams of women and trans persons transitioning from life behind bars to freedom.

Berlinale 2024: Exclusive THE EDITORIAL OFFICE Poster Premiere

Ukrainian filmmaker Roman Bondarchuk offers a critical examination of news creation and manipulation set against the backdrop of the Russo-Ukranian war.

Berlinale 2024 Preview: Bruno Dumont, Abel Ferrara, Hong Sangsoo, Atom Egoyan, Tsai Ming-liang to Premiere

The largest German film gathering offers an eclectic line-up from world cinema.

Berlinale 2024: Exclusive WHO DO I BELONG TO Poster Premiere, Exploring War's Human Toll

Tunisian-Canadian director Meryam Joobeur will be unveiling her first feature film in the Berlinale competition.