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Now Streaming: GOLIATH S3 Finds Gold in a Dry Valley

Billy Bob Thornton returns as a dogged attorney who takes on Dennis Quaid and more menacing rich people.

Exclusive SUPERVIZED Clip: My Favorite Superhero

A terrific cast, led by Tom Berenger, Beau Bridges, Louis Gossett Jr. and Fionnula Flanagan, faces untold superhero issues in Supervized, as our exclusive clip suggests. Perhaps because I am now *cough cough* years of age, I can easily relate...

70s Rewind: TWO-MINUTE WARNING, A Sniper Threatens The Big Game

Snipers entered the public conciousness in the U.S. on August 1, 1966, when Charles Whitman shot dozens of people from a tower located on the University of Texas campus in Austin, Texas. Whitman's shooting spree claimed the lives of 14;...