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Sci-Fi London 2013 Review: MARS ET AVRIL Deserves Greater Attention

Oh, what a wonderful, rich, glorious treat of a film Mars et Avril is. A sci-fi steam-punk romance with a terrific score, it is a delight to the senses. Visually stunning, melodramatic in its storytelling, and unafraid to delve into deep...

Sci-Fi London 2013 Review: VESSEL Thoughtfully Depicts The Dark Side Of Psychic Powers

The world premiere screening of Vessel did not begin well. Out-of-synch sound forced the projectionist to stop film about 10 minutes in, and delay for half an hour while a back-up copy was found (I'm used to technical problems, so...

Sci-Fi London 2013 Review: DEAD WEIGHT

Two things can/have happened with the greater ease of making an indepedent film: One is that newbie filmmakers take no time or care with writing a good story and then take even less time to plan how they will film...

Sci-Fi London 2012: GHOST WITH SHIT JOBS Review

Success has moved east, and life in the west has become bleak, filled with the un- and under-employed. The collapse of the western economy means that those on the bottom, known by the Chinese as 'ghosts', take on low-paying outsourced...

Sci-Fi London 2012: EXIT Review

Cities can be enigmatic mazes. So many people, buildings, corridors, windows, and especially doors. Doors we will never go through, either because we haven't time, or interest, or permission. Probably like many city dwellers, I often will glance at a...

Sci-Fi London 2012: THE MECHANICAL BRIDE Review

Since the myth of Pygmalion, men have attempted to create the 'perfect' woman. This woman is usually beautiful, with orafices ready for sex, and above all, silent. Allison de Fren, a media & film studies scholar working in the fields...

Sci-Fi London 2012: TRUE LOVE Review

How do you know when it's true love (even if such a thing exists?) If you knew everything, and I mean everything, about your partner, would you stay? Would you punish them for their misdeeds? Would you leave? Would you...

Sci-Fi London 2012: STRANGE FRAME Review

In the current climate of parody, pastiche, re-hashing, re-booting and recycling of films, it is so refreshing to see a film as unique, original and enjoyable as Strange Frame: Love and Sax. Billed as a animated sci-fi lesbian rock musical,...

Sci-Fi London 2012: EXTRACTED Review

You don't need to set something in space, or have aliens invading the planet, or lots of grand special effects, to make a science fiction story. The final frontier is perhaps not space, but the human mind, about which we...