Festivals: DOC NYC

DOC NYC 2023 Review: NEIRUD, Family Secrets Revealed

Fernanda Faya's documentary examines the surprising life of her beloved aunt, known to wrestling fans as the kimono-wearing, invincible Gorilla Woman.

DOC NYC 2022 Exclusive ELLIS Clip: Choosing Piano

Soon to premiere at DOC NYC, Sascha Just's Ellis tells the story of "a towering figure in the history of jazz." As the official synopsis informs, Ellis Marsalis "composed and performed major works of modern jazz infused with a uniquely...

DOC NYC 2021 Review: ONCE UPON A TIME IN UGANDA, The Unlikeliest Success Story In Action Cinema

The greatest cinematic surprises often come from the unlikeliest beginnings. In the case of Cathryne Czubek's Once Upon a Time in Uganda, those beginnings are the slums of Wakaliga, Kampala, Uganda. The humble origin story of Wakaliwood and its ever...