ODDITY: Watch The Trailer For Supernatural Horror From CAVEAT's Damian McCarthy

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ODDITY: Watch The Trailer For Supernatural Horror From CAVEAT's Damian McCarthy
When Dani is brutally murdered at the remote country house that she and her husband Ted are renovating, everyone suspects a patient from the local mental health institution, where Ted is a doctor. However, soon after the tragic killing, the suspect is found dead. A year later, Dani’s blind twin sister Darcy, a self-proclaimed psychic and collector of cursed items, pays an unexpected visit to Ted and his new girlfriend, Yana. Convinced that there was more to her sister's murder than people know, Darcy has brought with her the most dangerous items from her cursed collection to help her exact revenge.
Damian McCarthy's supernatural horror flick, Oddity, is coming to cinemas on July 19th from IFC Films. The double audience award winner from SXSW and Overlook is the latest horror flick from the Irish director who last chilled our bones with the 2020 flick Caveat. The trailer arrived today, check it out down below. 
Our own Josh caught Oddity when it played at SXSW. You may find their full review here but here are a couple of the more positive notes from it...
What really works for Oddity is about the atmosphere and mystery. Lots of dark and stormy nights, excellent sound design, as well as a few well-executed jump scares. McCarthy manages to create a kind of modern House of the Long Shadows vibe with Oddity, where the audience is fairly well attuned to the source of the evil, but we are still eager to see how it will play out.
McCarthy’s second feature after 2020’s well received Caveat, Oddity is a contained but frightening piece about betrayal, lust, and revenge with a darkly spooky bent. With the support of a strong cast and technical team, he confidently crafts this effective supernatural thriller that utilizes strong performances and limited locations to tell a chilling story well worth checking out.

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