MYTH OF MAN: First Images From Jamin Winans' Silent Sci-Fi Odyssey

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MYTH OF MAN: First Images From Jamin Winans' Silent Sci-Fi Odyssey
A curiousity has passed by our desks today. Look below for the first images from an upcoming silent sci-fi fantasy feature called Myth of Man.
The indie sci-fi film from writer/director Jamin Winans, produced with their partner Kiowa Winans, should be making its debut later this year. There is no dialogue in this new film. Rather, Myth of Man will be what Winans calls, 'musically driven'. Winans also scored the film. 
Check out the images below the announcement. We appreciate the design and esthetic, almost steam-punkish. 
Writer/Director Jamin Winans (Ink, The Frame) shares the first images from his upcoming sci-fi fantasy feature, aiming for a fall 2024 premiere.
Fifteen years after the breakout sci-fi indie hit Ink and his follow up The Frame, writer/director Jamin Winans returns this year with his latest fantasy spectacle Myth of Man. The film was quietly produced between Budapest, Hungary and rural Kentucky and is in the final stages of post-production.
"Myth of Man has been a decade of my life. It's a vast world with wild characters and it was daunting and a joy to juggle such an expansive story without the use of words. This is the most ambitious film we have ever tackled."
- Jamin Winans, Writer/Director
Similar to Winans' viral short film, Spin (also known as "God is a DJ"), Myth of Man has no spoken dialogue, but is a musically-based fantastical odyssey. Winans doesn't call the film a musical, but rather, "musically driven" - he wrote the script and scored the film in tandem over the course of three years and produced with long-time collaborator and wife Kiowa Winans.
"Jamin wanted Myth of Man to break new ground cinematically. The film is grandiose and magical, but equally personal and hand-crafted. The no-dialogue nature rewards your full attention and we are excited for audiences to share the experience on the big screen." - Kiowa Winans, Producer
Myth of Man stars an international cast with Austrian actor Laura Rauch (Un altro Ferragosto, Sturm der Liebe) and Winans alumni Anthony Nuccio (The Frame, Criminal Minds). Also starring London-based Martin Angerbauer (Mars, The Witcher), Jason Stoval (The Frame, 11:59), and young newcomer Ian Hinton.
Story details are being kept under wraps.
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