Rotterdam 2024 Preview: Recommendations

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It's nearing the end of January, and that means the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR for short) is upon us here in the Netherlands, the largest recurring cultural event in this country. Ten days of movie mayhem, much of it of the arthouse kind, much of it unknown. Rotterdam has a few choice guests, a few retrospectives... but the majority of the festival favors new filmmakers. The grandest prizes to be won here are the Tiger Awards, and you can only win those with your first, second or third feature.

It makes navigating their schedule always a bit of a gamble with so many unknowns. What do you base your picks on? Country? Language? Catalog blurb? Other festivals where titles played (I used to use the Toronto reviews here...)? Or do you take the plunge and go for discoveries?

From what I could gather, here are a few recommendations. I'm sure there would be plenty more had I looked harder, so please chime in on our social media to tell me what I missed.

The Tiger Competitions

The IFFR has several competitions for short films and long films, the most prestigious of which are the tigers. A massive amount of shorts are shown in six blocks for easy viewing and the selection is always eclectic.

Fourteen films have been selected for the long films part, and all of them are world premières. Have a look at which tickle your fancy in this list here..

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