Camera Japan Rotterdam 2023: Heads-Ups And Recommendations

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Each year, in the second half of September, the Camera Japan Festival is held in Rotterdam for a few days, after which the festival moves to Amsterdam for the next weekend. This year is no exception and as always the festival(s) are very much worth a visit. It's often the only chance for us Dutch people to see several anime titles in a cinema, and while the films are good, there is a surrounding market about Japanese culture in general, with workshops, shopping stalls, food, the works!

So if you're near the two biggest cities in the Netherlands and fancy some Japanese cinema along with some culture, here are twelve recommendations. Click on the sides of the pictures to get the next one. And do check out the festival's whole line-up: there are over fifty movies and events to enjoy!

Baby Assassins 2 Babies

Last year, Sakamoto Yugo's made Baby Assassins, an action comedy about two teenage girls getting into the lucrative business of paid killing. It was an international surprise hit, so guess what? He made a sequel!

Our J. Hurtado checked it out and this is what he said in his review:

"There’s an energy to Baby Assassins 2 Babies that is hard to match and impossible to ignore. The film fan in me regrets that someday these babies will have to grow up, but there is also excitement at where this franchise can go if it continues to grace us with dizzying marvels like this."

Sounds like fun!

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