PARANORMAL JUSTICE (Justicia Paranormal) Trailer Exclusive: Chilean Supernatural Thriller Ready to Hit the Festival Circuit

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PARANORMAL JUSTICE (Justicia Paranormal) Trailer Exclusive: Chilean Supernatural Thriller Ready to Hit the Festival Circuit
During the boom boom times our friends at Suspenso in Chile held virtual versions of their genre festival. Headed up by the prolific Chilean filmmaker Patricio Valladares the festival also hosted SupsenoLAB, a co-production hub for local filmmakers. 
One of the filmmakers who took part in the program in 2020 was Carlos Thanax (Carlos Vergara Villarroel) and their project, Justicia Paranormal. We did not have any details about the projects back then but the idea took flight, got the backing it needed to head into production and here we are, ready to premiere the first trailer for the supernatural thriller. 
Along with the premiere of the first trailer Thanax has also sent along a small gallery of production and behind the scenes production stills to add to your viewing pleasure. Read more about the project in the annoucement below and keep an eye out for the Chilean supernatural thriller Paranormal Justice as it heads to the festival circuit in 2023 and 2024. 
The dead need you.
Paranormal Justice" is a supernatural thriller that wrapped up its filming in the first half of the current year 2023, aiming to intrigue and horrify its audience on the international film festival circuit.
The story is set in southern Chile and revolves around “Inspector Williams”, a paranormal investigator looking for a case that propels his career to success. Along his quest, he comes across the mysterious testimony of a homeless man. This plunges him into a police investigation, hidden rituals, and murders. Following this lead will risk everything for him: his freedom, his loved ones, and even his life.
This project began to take shape around the year 2019 and went through various stages of development, including workshops and mentoring sessions: Cine Lebu, Suspenso, Bío bío Cine (CHI), Nox Film (URU) and Ventana Sur (ARG), in addition to being written with guidance from the Escuela de Cine de Chile and real paranormal investigators. Its filming took place in Talcahuano during the month of February in collaboration with Vida Propia, Estudio Bruma, Clave 70, and Escuela de Comunicación Audiovisual Digital de Santo Tomás.
It is starred by Ignacio Lagos, drummer of the metal band Cianuro, who portrays Inspector Williams, accompanied by a cast that gathers the best of local talent: Maiza Czischke, Juan Barracuda, Javiera Parra, Jaime Ayala, and Luis Vitalino. Special mention to Paolo Marisio, Ronald Sáez, and Patricio Bastías, who collaborate once again with the team after their work on "José Cristo”, the directorial debut of Carlos Thanax. The director aims to pay homage to supernatural cinema classics through a narrative rooted in the port city, supported once again by the production of Rachell Vásquez.
This month we're releasing its first trailer aiming to genre film festivals during 2023 and 2024.
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