THE BODY Trailer: True Story of Czech Pro Diver Who Took the Leap into Adult Entertainment

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THE BODY Trailer: True Story of Czech Pro Diver Who Took the Leap into Adult Entertainment

Emerging Czech filmmaker Natálie Císařovská recently completed her first feature-length film, The Body, inspired by the remarkable true story of professional Czech diver, Andrea Absolonová. Following a career-ending injury, Absolonová channelled the same determination she had for her athletic training into a new profession in the porn industry, rising to become one of the most successful Czech porn actresses of the 90s under the pseudonym Lea de Mae.

Císařovská's intent with the film is to encourage viewers to reflect on the relationship we have with our bodies, drawing parallels between the worlds of professional sports and porn. While the film candidly presents these environments, it is neither sensationalist nor tabloid in its portrayal.

In the leading role, Slovak actress Natália Germáni, known for her performance in Nightsiren, conveys the transformative journey of Andrea. Germáni, who underwent rigorous training for the role, acknowledges the significant challenge of portraying Andrea's transition from a top-tier athlete to a sought-after porn actress. She emphasizes the extraordinary nature of Absolonová's story as a whole, acknowledging her career in the porn industry as an integral part of it.


The official synopsis of the film reads: “The Body is a film centred around the true and extraordinary life of Andrea Absolonová. Once a successful athlete, a representative, and a member of the Olympic team, she navigated a forced end to her sports career due to a vertebra injury, only to find success and recognition as a popular porn actress.”

The film is set to hit Czech theaters in the fall of 2023. 

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