ESCAPING PARADISE Trailer: Black Mandala Repping Deji LaRay's Action Flick

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ESCAPING PARADISE Trailer: Black Mandala Repping Deji LaRay's Action Flick
A young couple takes a trip to an exotic island for their anniversary where they befriend a foreigner name Kane. Kane shows them a great time until they discover he's actually a dangerous fugitive from the UK. Now that they know his secret, he is determine to keep them from leaving the island.
Our friends at Black Mandala are representing Deji LaRay's action flick Escaping Paradise. As vacations are wont to do, everything is peacky keen until you get tangled up with a fugitive hiding out at your exact vacation spot. We've all been there. 
We've included the trailer down below. Check it out. It's okay. It's not cut to showcase LaRay's action chops, really. If you're going so far and to envoke the spirit of John Wick in your promotion of a film it'd be best to show us something comparable to that franchise.
Guess we will just have to wait and see. 
Escaping Paradise was directed by Paul Tanter. It was written by and stars Deji LaRay. They are joined by Simon Phillips, Shayla Hale , Andrew Davis II; Kylah Dela Peña, and Harrison Montinola.
Genre specialist Black Mandala presents the action movie "ESCAPING PARADISE" directed by Paul Tanter. A pleasure trip turns into a true nightmare, in this film that combines the action of John Wick with the deadly pursuit of In the Blood.
Starring Simon Phillips (Surviving the game, Butchers); Deji LaRay (Modern Family, Bosch); Shayla Hale (NCIS: Los Angeles, Criminal Minds);  Andrew Davis II; Kylah Dela Peña; and Harrison Montinola.
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