Now Playing in Japan: RAGEAHOLIC, Addicted to Anger

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Now Playing in Japan: RAGEAHOLIC, Addicted to Anger

And you thought *you* had anger issues.

Opening today in Japan, Rageaholic "follows Yakuza-busting police officer Fukama (Yohta Kawase)," according to the official synopsis. "After allowing his overly-violent nature to get the better of him, [he] botches an arrest and leaves several bodies in his wake."

(Impertinent editorial note: I hate when that happens.) The synopsis continues:

"Disgraced and sent to America for psychotherapy, he returns to Japan years later to discover that the town he once cleaned up is now so clean that it has literally become sanitized - with death as punishment for those who do not conform. And as he realizes how dangerous this 'sanitation' truly is, the rage inside him returns with a bloody vengeance."

I must confess: if you come to America for psychotherapy, it's not surprising that your rage issues will continue. In any event, the trailer looks mean and moody, even without English subtitles. Watch it, and you'll get the idea.

The film is written and directed by Yoshiki Takahashi, and based on a story by Yuki Kobayashi (Death Row Family). The picture stars Yohta Kawase (Shin Godzilla), Aya Saiki, Ryuju Kobayashi, and Eita Okuno. It is produced by Interfilm.

Rageaholic does not yet have distribution in North America or Europe, so I hope someone comes to their senses so those of us marooned outside of Japan can watch what looks like a very pertinent dramatic thriller with a lotta bang. Check out the trailer below, and use your imagination to figure out exactly what they're saying. Visit the official site for more information.

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