Celludroid 2022: Final Days to Submit to South African Sci-Fi, Animation and Fantasy Film Festival

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Celludroid 2022: Final Days to Submit to South African Sci-Fi, Animation and Fantasy Film Festival
Was I this many years old when I found out that our friends at South African Horrorfest had a sister festival called Celludroid, and that it focuses on Sci-Fi, Animation and Fantasy subjects? For shame.
Our friends have long been associated with horror in the region but it looks like they've also been meeting the needs of the wider community by providing this event. The final day for submissions is fast approaching - one week away - so if you're more in tune with the sci-fi and fantasy side of genre filmmaking and you have a project ready to go, consider submitting to Celluroid. 
The CELLUDROID Film Festival 
One of our Flamedrop Productions events (and sister-festival to the South African HORRORFEST), the CELLUDROID film festival was established in 2009 with its focus on Sci-Fi, Animation and Fantasy subjects, and was one of the first (if not the only) of its kind on the African continent. In its (lucky) 13th year, the 2022 festival will run across 2 - 11 September.
With the pandemic turmoil, Celludroid expanded into a hybrid event to include an on-line streaming chapter with selected titles in cinema.
Feature film and short film submissions are open at https://filmfreeway.com/Celludroid -the final deadline: August 1st
Filmmakers / cast / crew / FX artists have attended with audience chats and Q&A's for movies like (the premiere of) District 9, modern classics like Hardware, Dust Devil, and Young Ones.
Special pre-release screenings of cinema releases have included Insidious, Scream 4 and Young Ones.
Since its inception, Celludroid has received and screened an amazing array of short- and feature films from around the world, most having their South Africa / Africa premiere. 
Over the years feature films have included Akira, Iron Sky I & II, Montauk Chronicles, The Secret Adventures Of Tom Thumb, Lunopolis, War Of The Worlds: The True Story, and other exciting indie movies like Meander, Trancers, Dollman, Godkiller, Technotise: Edit & I, Automatons, The Rift, Science Team and more. 
The legendary Fritz Lang silent classic Metropolis also screened with a new live score performed by The Makabra Ensemble.
In addition to an array of eye-popping animated shorts across various mediums, Celludroid has also incorporated documentaries like Traceroute, The Billy Meier Story, The Seeker's Guide To Harry Potter, Secret Societies & Sacred Stones, The Otherworld, UFOs 1973.
Celludroid's sister event, the Horrorfest film festival (over Halloween season) is in its 18th year and runs over Halloween season - www.horrorfest.info 
Keep watching the skies!
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