SPACE MONSTER WANGMAGWI: Long Lost Korean Monster Movie Acquired by SRS Cinema

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SPACE MONSTER WANGMAGWI: Long Lost Korean Monster Movie Acquired by SRS Cinema
This is cool. Casual big monster movie fans are forgiven if they only associate a particular country in Asia with the genre. It is easy to be overshadowed by that powerhouse and the number of films it churned out over the decades. 
There are, as it was described by SRS Cinema's Avery Battles, golden fleeces, films thought long lost and gone forever. Space Monster Wangmagwi, a 1967 South Korean kaiju film directed by Kwon Hyeok-jin is such a film. It had no international releases and was considered long lost until it magically showed up at Korean Film Archive screenings. 
Space Monster Wangmagwi was the second giant monster film to be made in South Korea. Reportedly it features a space variation on the plot to King Kong.
Distributor SRS Cinema has licensed North American home media rights to the Golden Fleece of obscure unreleased kaiju films!
Outside of the 1930s Japanese King Kongs, the original DAIBUTSU KAIKOKU, and the 1962 version of BULGASARI (Pulgasari), which are all considered lost films... the Korean production SPACE MONSTER WANGMAGWI (우주괴인 왕마귀, Ujugoein Wangmagwi, 1967) is the most sought after of obscure unreleased kaiju movies. It was thought lost  for decades until the Korean Film Archive recently held a few festival screenings in their home country.
Directed by Gwon Hyeok-jin (THE SWORDSMAN), this sci-fi film depicts the arrival of a gigantic space creature named Wangmagwi (Big Devil) who plans to conquer the Earth. Landing in Korea, the alien goes on a rampage of destruction.
Up until now SPACE MONSTER WANGMAGWI has never been released anywhere in the world on physical or digital media. After years of attempts by various companies to obtain this obscure gem, the persistence of Ron Bonk and Avery Guerra finally paid off! SRS Cinema is proud to announce that they have secured North American distribution for the film with plans to release SPACE MONSTER WANGMAGWI in limited editions this August or September.
Visit in the coming months for updates on the release of SPACE MONSTER WANGMAGWI. And be sure to check out SRS Cinema's previous Korean kaiju release; 1984's WAR OF THE GOD MONSTERS  (비천괴수, Bicheongoesu), available now on Blu-ray, DVD and VHS. SciFi Japan
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