Exclusive: The First Official Stills From Argentine Supernatural Horror DON'T COME BACK ALIVE (METE MIEDO)

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Exclusive: The First Official Stills From Argentine Supernatural Horror DON'T COME BACK ALIVE (METE MIEDO)
Alright, we have a treat for all you LatAm horror fans out there. Our friends at Del Toro Films have given us the very first images from Néstor Sánchez Sotelo's supernatural thriller, Don’t Come Back Alive (Mete Miedo). The film will be presented at Marche du Film at Cannes next month. 
Police officer Camila, criminal prosecutor Fátima, and police detective Ángel, are used to face extremely dangerous situations, gruesome murder cases, evil criminals. During an operation in a dangerous area, they have an encounter with a female albino figure in a suicide-by-immolation ritual. This being, more powerful than death itself, is here to play with them a wicked game.
That first image is the real kicker, giving us a look at that female albino figure, her black hand reaching around the front of another woman in what looks like a psych ward. The other two give us a look at Camila, Fatima and Angel. 
We've also included a couple of the works in progress pics shared before because we think one of these sets up history of the female albino figure, showing her as a little girl. It appears to establish how long she has been around the other woman/girl in the two pics. We think they're the same woman with the albino.
Don't Come Back Alive was written by Hernán Moyano (Cold Sweat, Pussycake, El pulp negro) and stars María Abadi, Melisa Garat, Marco de la O, Ruby Vizcarra, and Fiorela Duranda.
We will keep our eyes and ears open for a world premiere and any sales that come out of Cannes.
Supernatural Thriller Don’t Come Back Alive (METE MIEDO), produced by Del Toro Films, directed by Néstor Sánchez Sotelo and written by Hernan Moyano, lands Marché du Film – Cannes 2022. 
Don’t Come Back Alive in words of director Néstor Sánchez Sotelo: “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist, and shadows are hunting us, evil beings exist among us. People we love, can become completely unfamiliar, and we can be pulled directly to hell. The only way to stop it, is being able to recognize the Devil, and face it… avoiding it is impossible.”
Setting a scenario in which nightmares can cross our subconscious and bring their dreadful menace into the real world, “Don’t Come Back Alive” presents a mix of supernatural thriller and horror. The film is immersed in a violent society, where the main characters must face threats not only by humans, but also by a supernatural diabolic being. 
Don’t Come Back Alive” was part of BIF Market, with a Work in Progress during its shooting in 2021, and its Work in Progress was Blood Window Selection at Ventana Sur. Now, postproduction completed a few weeks ago, the film is ready for international market, presented by its production company Del Toro Films. 
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