Cine de Terror de Valdivia 2022: Chile's Oldest Genre Film Festival Returns to In-Person

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Cine de Terror de Valdivia 2022: Chile's Oldest Genre Film Festival Returns to In-Person
Like most organizations around the world Cine de Terror de Valdivia, Chile's oldest genre film festival will return to in-person screenings during it's 19th edition. 
Located in the beautiful city of Valdivia, only a few hundred kilometers south of Santiago (holy crap, Chile is looong), the festival will host free screenings for the duration of the week. That's a nice thing to do after a couple of rough years, isn't it? There will also be events and workshops for the community as well. We have it on good authority that it is a terrific event, taking place in a beautiful city that has incredible brewaries and the best beer in the world. Hey, that is what we're told. 
So we're going to include the two official announcements made by the festival. These have been Google translated for sake of time and lack of Spanish skills, so forgive any chopiness in the flow below.
Below the two official announcements is the festival's promo spot. Enjoy!
Between April 18 and 23, the activities will take place, all free, scheduled for this year, which will mostly be with an audience.
The traditional Valdivian event, dedicated to lovers of scary movies, returns in April with face-to-face functions, after two years of online broadcasts due to the pandemic. New feature films, national premieres, previews of what is being done in Latin America and of course the 2 Minute Competitions, as well as other news, are returning from Monday 18th and until Saturday 23rd April
Part of the program will include special effects workshops to be taught by Deborah Araya, makeup expert and director of the Valparaíso International Terror Festival, which will take place at the Casa Prochelle Uno Cultural Center. Meanwhile, on the YouTube channel of the corporation there will be late-night movies and horror stories.
“We want to have 12 performances at the Lord Cochrane Theater with free admission, during the 6 days that the event will last, one at 7:00 p.m. and the other at 9:00 p.m., added to what we have prepared in online format. We want to maintain these two modalities because that way we reach more spectators, and last year's numbers prove it, we had more than a thousand people watching us”, explained Nino Bernucci, director of the festival.
Competition 2 Minutes
In the short film contest there will be works by Chilean, Spanish, Mexican, Argentine and German directors, 12 in total, from which the 3 winners this year will come out; plus the favorite of the public, which will be chosen by the spectators by means of a face-to-face vote, starting on April 19 during the show at nine o'clock at night.
The programming will be available a week before the start of the Valdivia International Horror Film Festival at, but some of it will be previewed on all the event's social networks and on those of the Municipal Cultural Corporation @ ccmvaldivia
The festival will announce its program this coming week in lead up to the festival. They did announce before the weekend that local hit, APPS, will be the closing night film of the festival. 
The horror anthology has had a hugely successful festival run over the past year. Made by a couple of friends of mine, Lucio A Rojas and Sandra Arriagada, along with Camilo Leon, José Miguel Zúñiga y Samot Marquez, APPS has played at more than 30 festivals so far with further stops still in May.
I have been told that Rojas will make the trip to Valdivia, taking a short break from pre-production on his next film. Arriagada is currently prepping her next film as well. 
On the final evening, at 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 23, at the Lord Cochrane, the fantastic horror anthology “APPS”, the Chilean horror film with the greatest international success in the last 5 years, will be broadcast.
A super premiere will have the last function of the Valdivia Horror Film Festival, it is Apps, an anthology of 5 scary stories linked together and that, as its name says, is related to the applications that we use on our devices telephone.
The national film with trans-Andean collaboration, directed by Lucio A. Rojas, José Miguel Zúñiga, Sandra Arriagada, Camilo León and Samot Márquez, had its official presentation with a preview in the Coming Soon section of the Sitges Festival and, a few months ago, its great world launch at the 25th edition of the BIFAN Festival in Korea, the most important fantastic film event in Asia and one of the largest in the world.
To date, APPS has already made more than 30 official selections at such important events as Mórbido Film Fest, Popcorn Frights, Fantaspoa, Nigh Visions Film Festival, San Sebastián Terror Week, Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre among many others that will have it touring the world until next September. 
“It is a tremendous privilege that this feature film premieres in regions and not in Santiago, and that it is precisely with us at the Municipal Theater. Tell them that it is a 91-minute horror anthology that was seen in theaters in Mexico and Argentina. After presenting it here, it will be Brazil's turn where they will see actors such as Daniel Antivilo, Nestor Cantillana, Fernanda Finterbusch, Tutú Vidaurre, Catalina Silva, among others”, said Nino Bernucci, general director of the activity organized by CCM.
The plot of the film has as its common thread the use of APPS by the protagonists, which will give way to five stories: a group of perverts who carry out online transmissions; a voyeur who will discover that his neighbors hide dark secrets that he wishes he had never heard; a young woman on a mysterious dating app; a group of friends on their way to a music festival fall into the hands of a sinister rural occult group; and finally, a little boy, used by his father to set up love encounters online, will discover an enormous power to defend himself.
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