LAYERS OF LIES: Ramin Sohrab Explodes Into Action In First Teaser For The Iranian Martial Arts Film

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LAYERS OF LIES: Ramin Sohrab Explodes Into Action In First Teaser For The Iranian Martial Arts Film

Long term readers of this site may recognize the name of Finland based Iranian martial artist Ramin Sohrab as this is not his first time in these pages. Sohrab has risen to global attention over the years through a series of very impressive short films that have had fight fans keeping an eye on him for years as someone who may prove out to be a truly global level talent. And now? Now Sohrab takes the step into the feature world that people have been waiting for with his debut picture, the Tehran-set martial arts-action picture Layers of Lies.

An ex-fireman returns to his home country Iran after a decade-long absence, only to have his old enemy resurface and steal away what he treasures most - and now he'll stop at nothing to exact revenge.

Sohrab wears a lot of hats on this one, not only starring but also directing, producing and writing the original drafts of the script before later bringing on The Long Walk and Dearest Sister writer Chris Larsen as a co-writer. And now we get our first look.

Layers of Lies will soon have its world premiere as part of the Fajr Film Festival in Tehran before rolling out to festivals around the world and we are very happy to present a first teaser for the film in advance of that. And what do we find in the teaser? Great production values, some gorgeous locations that we almost never get to see in this part of the world, and a leading man who is exceptionally good at kicking people in the face. We've got another still below featuring leading lady Jessica Wolff and take a look at the teaser below that!

[Full disclosure: XYZ Films, where I am the head of international acquisitions, represents the film for North American sales and I've been working directly on it in terms of festival placement, etc. I also may or may not be the person who introduced Chris and Ramin back in the day. We've written about him because I like him and I like to work with people who I like. Such is life.]


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