Get Ready for a Wild Trip: Watch WONDERLAND RECOIL Trailer

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Get Ready for a Wild Trip: Watch WONDERLAND RECOIL Trailer

Are you still stuck at home? Is your life depressing and/or not what you'd hope it would be? Are you looking for an escape?

Then take a look at the Wonderland Recoil trailer and instantly transform into a new you.* Heading for its world premiere at The Psychedelic and Film and Music Festival in New York on Saturday, December 11, Wonderland Recoil is best described with its official synopsis:

"In a dystopian future, it's possible to print custom-made drugs and psychedelics with any desired effect, from your computer in your home.

"Alice is stuck in her depressed life and desperately looking for an escape. She finds a brand new psychedelic drug: Nirvana - designed to warp your reality. Alice takes the drug and arrives in Wonderland as her alter ego Ecila.

"What at first seems like an euphoric experience of happiness, slowly turns into an inescapable nightmare, forcing Ecila to face her demons."

Directed by Shaun Rana, the film is a Danish production. David Sakurai, Sisse Marie and Lene Nystrøm star.

If you are yearning for an escape today, and are ready to face your personal demons, we invite you to watch the trailer below.

(*Instant* transformations not guaranteed.)

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