Arrow in November Headlined by German Nightmare SLEEP And The Films of Jean Rollin

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So, to keep everyone up to speed I put my money where my mouth is and signed up for the Arrow video player. For what I'm paying it's one of the best things I've done.
Rather than just be able to express excitment for everything that current subscribers would get to experience every month I can now add my voice to the chorus. And November's lineup has a lot for us to sing about. 
Michael Venus' Sleep leads the month, a German horror film about nightmares, mental and physical, will debut on November 1st. Also at the beginning of the month is the nuclear horror Threads followed by a slew of Jean Rollin films with vampires in various states of sanity and clothing. 
The back half of the month feature some of Rollin's fantastical cinema not featuring selacious vampires. A bunch of deliquence themed horror and thrillers are coming your way as well. 
Everything you need to know about programming in November is in the gallery below. 

ARROW Offers Classic and Cutting Edge Cult Cinema November Lineup Includes Michael Venus' Sleep German Cerebral Nightmare Starts Streaming November 1 Debuts Alongside the Work of French Auteur Jean Rollin & More ARROW Now Available on Samsung TVs in the United States

November Seasons: Jean Rollin: The Fantastique Collections, Nightmares and Scary Tales, Six Shooters vs Straight Razors, ΑΓΓΟΨY, Out of Your Element, A Place to Shop and a Place to Die

Praise for Sleep "A nightmarish modern fairy tale that is atmospheric and filled with scares." -- Adventures in Poor Taste "a wild fever dream wrapped in an all-too-real nightmare. It is truly a film that sits with you." -- Nightmarish Conjurings

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