IMPLANTED Exclusive Clip: Your Vitals Are Currently Stable

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IMPLANTED Exclusive Clip: Your Vitals Are Currently Stable
Sarah, a struggling young woman living in Brooklyn, agrees to volunteer as an experimental test subject for a pharmaceutical company called Dynamic Health Cure and to be implanted with the LEXX nanochip. Sarah hopes that the money received for her participation will solve her financial troubles and help her to take care of her mother who has Alzheimer’s. A nanochip is implanted in her cerebral cortex. It is designed with artificial intelligence technology to take control of the body at the inception of any disease or illness. When the implant turns sinister and orders her to commit crimes, Sarah is plunged into a murderous spiral with only one choice: to live or die.
Gravitas Ventures will release Fabien Dufils' indie sci-fi thriller, Implanted, on digital platforms on October 1st. They have given us an exclusive clip to share with you today. Check it out below. In the clip we see Sarah trying to resist the artificial intelligence in the chip. We can see however, the chip has control. 
Implanted was written and directed by Fabien Dufils and starring Michelle Girolami. Dufils wrote Implanted with Belgian writer David Bourgie. 
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