Popcorn Frights 2021: Second Wave, Ready to Help a Nation Hungry for Horror

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Popcorn Frights 2021: Second Wave, Ready to Help a Nation Hungry for Horror

If real-life horrors have got you down, Popcorn Frights has you covered, nationwide.

Readers in the U.S. may already know that the annual Popcorn Frights Film Festival features a tasty collection of titles to tantalize the good people of Florida -- of which I'm sure there are more than a few -- who enjoy the type of films that we showcase on this site. For their seventh edition, they are reaching out to everyone with good taste who lives in the U.S. -- of which I'm sure there are more than a few.

From August 12-19, Popcorn Frights will, as usual, offer a fresh mixture of programming for those who live in Florida and wish to enjoy the theatrical experience. This year, they will showcase several World Premieres, "the festival's first-ever Virtual Reality experience, a sneak preview of Alex Proyas' new short film set in the Dark City universe, and a record-setting 68 film premieres," per their official verbiage.

Of special interest to those of us who do not live in Florida or do not wish to go out to a theater, please note: "Popcorn Frights' virtual offerings are geo-locked to the United States and are available to view on the Eventive platform until August 19. ... Access to virtual film screenings is available through individual tickets or an all-access virtual pass, which provides an all-inclusive experience for the festival's entire virtual program."

Visit the official site to purchase those ticketing things. If you're curious, though, as to what, exactly, is included in the virtual program, here is a taste of the programming:

"Running parallel to its in-theater program (August 12-15) and through the duration of the Festival (August 12-19), Popcorn Frights' virtual experience is headlined by seven feature film World Premieres, including the frightening thrill ride THE ACCURSED, the chilling paranoid thriller DASHCAM co-starring Larry Fessenden, the Euro-horror inspired genre treat DAWN BREAKS BEHIND THE EYES, the claustrophobic nail-biter IT CAME FROM BELOW, the horror mystery NIGHT AT THE EAGLE INN, the devilish dark comedy VAL, and the made in Florida horror moc-doc THE WILD MAN.

"Documentary feature films premiering at Popcorn Frights include the World Premiere of THE HISTORY OF METAL AND HORROR, a nostalgia trip of some of the most iconic horror films told through candid conversations with John Carpenter, Tom Savini, Kirk Hammett, and Rob Zombie, among many others; as well as the East Coast Premiere of WOODLANDS DARK AND DAYS BEWITCHED, the first feature-length documentary on the history of folk horror.

"Popcorn Frights is also presenting the North American Premieres of the Spanish horror anthology APPS, the juicy supernatural-thriller THE EX, and the brutal shocker STOKER HILLS co-starring Tony Todd and directed by Florida native Benjamin Louis.

"Other highlights in the feature film program include the US Premieres of Takashi Shimizu's (creator of the Ju-on series and The Grudge) new nightmare HOWLING VILLAGE and the timely yet thoroughly unpredictable sci-fi-cum-survival-thriller TIN CAN, the East Coast Premieres of the morbid dark comedy KEEPING COMPANY, the gleefully creepy LAIR, and the boldly original THE YELLOW WALLPAPER; as well as the Florida Premieres of BLOOD CONSCIOUS, HOUSE AT THE END OF THE FOREST, and THE LAST MATINEE."

I've talked a lot about "taste" in this article, which probably means I need to eat something. Again, visit the official site for more details and to purchase those ticketing things.

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