Horror Channel in August: HELLRAISER Trilogy, Savini's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, Gordon's RE-ANIMATOR Coming Next Month

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As the breadth of content providers continues to grow so do the opportunities to catch up with some horror classics. Next month Horror Channel offers viewers in the UK and Ireland the chance to catch up with cenobites, the undead, and graboids.
Horror Channel, the long standing free-to-air television channel has a number of key additions to their programming next month. You can find out more in the annoucement below. Air dates and times are in the gallery further down.  
August is a wicked month on Horror Channel, as the UK’s number 1 destination for genre films revives some horror, sci-fi and fantasy classics – including Clive Barker’s HELLRAISER trilogy, which has one of the most stylish and ferociously original horror fantasy franchises ever and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1990), Tom Savini’s colour remake of George Romero's original Night Of The Living Dead, which transcended the world of horror movies to become a film classic.
Other highlights include RE-ANIMATOR, the late Stuart Gordon’s darkly comic classic, that has been acknowledged as one of the most celebrated, outrageous and original horror films of all time, TREMORS, Ron Underwood’s affectionate throwback to 1950s creature features, which is still seen as the king slacker of monster movies and ROLLERBALL (2002), the head-slamming remake of the 1975 Sci-Fi hit, directed by John McTiernan,
Also making a return is Sci-fi TV series THE 4400. The highly rated cable drama, originally slated to run only as a five-part miniseries, eventually ran for four seasons. Producers included Francis Ford Coppola.
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